Jackie loves carbohydrates in all shapes and forms, oh yes. There’s no need to share my recipe for mashed potatoes with you. In fact, I don’t even have a recipe, but more like rambling thought processes.

– use up the Yukon Gold potatoes that need attention: peeled and chopped
– boil in a bit of water until they can be pierced easily with a fork
– mash! mash! mash!
– add milk, small pat of butter
– add herbs/spices: minced garlic (?), parsley, tarragon, chives, basil… anything goes!
– salt and ground black pepper

I like mine slightly chunky. Other people like their mashed potatoes smooth and creamy. It’s really up to you as with all cooking. Some like their brownies cakey, some like them fudgy; some like them with lots of edges, some not. Some like their breads super crusty, some like their loaves tender and pillowy soft.

Tweak until you’re satisfied, but most importantly, enjoy what you make and eat with zeal.

p.s. There are many signs but you know you’re a baker when…

1. You mash your potatoes not with a potato masher or a food mill (although one of those would be nice), but with – egads! – a pastry blender.

2. You are as excited about making mashed potatoes so you can have mashed potatoes, as you are about saving the precious potato water to bake bread. –> The water you boil potatoes in contains a lot of starch that yeast love, and the result is a more tender loaf.

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8 Responses to “Carbtastic!”

  1. White on Rice Says:

    yes, yes, I’ll take the garlic! Love the carbo load of potatoes!

  2. toxobread Says:

    Hi Todd/Diane: Yes, me too! Mashed potatoes are one of my all-time favourite comfort foods.

  3. manggy Says:

    You might like to add in roasted garlic instead of raw garlic! Yum! Thank you also for the potato water tip. I need new yeast though… I think mine is almost dead. (Or have been enjoying the fridge far too much.)
    I didn’t realize till I read the challah a tete that toxo bread stood for Toxoplasma, ha ha ha 🙂

  4. toxobread Says:

    Manggy! Oops, sorry I meant roasted and not raw garlic. If you’re referring to active dry/instant yeast, you can try proofing it to see if it’s still active. I don’t know too much about starters so won’t be able to help you there – maybe look for happy bubbles after refreshing it? Oh and yes, it’s Toxo(plasma) Bread, named after my “favourite” parasite. ^_^

  5. em Says:

    Chunky mashed potatoes wooooo! :p

  6. toxobread Says:

    Em: I ❤ chunky mashed potatoes hehe

  7. chopchopatoz Says:

    ha..ha…so fun and easy to remember step by step directions 🙂

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