oh señorita, we love the conchas


A friend treated me to my first pan dulce conchas the other day. These are Mexican sweet buns (although Southern NM also carries them in bakeries) whose name means sweet (dulce) bread (pan) in the shape of a shell (conchas).

These remind me of melon pan or 菠蘿飽 (pineapple buns). From what I understand, they’re prepared in a very similar way: sweet yeasted dough baked with a crumbly, cookie-like topping.

It took a lot of will power to keep this intact for photography purposes.

It took a lot of will power to keep this intact for photography purposes...

and then I gave up.

...and then I gave up.

I had this homemade bun lightly toasted so the topping was crunchy with a hint of cinnamon while the bottom was pillowy soft. Muy delicioso!

I’m dedicating this post to Netter, who shall now be known as the girl-who-gave-me-a-portable-baking-pan-and-bakes-kickass-goodies. 😀



7 Responses to “oh señorita, we love the conchas”

  1. Rajee Says:

    I see number of ur posts so soon. Arent u tired of making it? You’ve become expert baker. I told my hubby to buy kitchen sale, I saw in ur previous post. So, that I can easily try it and learn from you. I’ll post after it comes out well and write about you too. You should always be on my side. Can I know which bun to try it better than advanced level for me to learn it?

  2. Jie Jie Says:

    Hey you also make me to bake too.
    I love it and it makes me hungry.

    Good job again! :O)

  3. toxobread Says:

    Rajee: Much of what I make is actually not posted in real-time, although I do try to do so. It’s hard for me to post regularly, as you have probably noticed, so the posts come out in spurts that do not necessarily reflect my actual baking schedule. Heh heh thanks for the compliment but I’m still pretty much an amateur baker who’s learning the ropes. It’s always fun to share my baking joys (and occasionally, sorrows) with everyone.
    As for a bread recipe to begin with, I would probably go for KAF’s Classic Sandwich Bread and then work with variations from there so you know what will happen if you play around with factors like hydration (wetness) and different types of flour.
    Glad to hear you’re thinking of getting a scale! It’s a very worthy investment, trust me.

    Jie Jie: Netter’s conchas remind me that I really should try to make pineapple buns sometime – and with those dried pineapple bits for the filling too!

  4. csquad Says:

    oo, the underneath part peeping out is a tease! looks delicious, yum :)!

  5. toxobread Says:

    csquad: yup, it was really good 🙂

  6. Angie Says:

    The buns does looks like the Chinese Pineapple Buns 🙂

    • toxobread Says:

      Angie, yes they do! They taste like pineapple buns too, except the conchas that I had, contained cocoa powder in the cookie topping whereas I haven’t had any pineapple buns with a chocolatey topping.

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