shortbread newbie



My mom loves shortbread and showed me a clipping from a magazine for cranberry and lemon shortbread, which looked super delicious and super easy to make. There’s nothing like homemade baked goods made with love, for someone you love, right?

The trouble is…


…I’m going to need more practice baking them.

They tasted great, with buttery goodness and just the right amount of zing from the chopped, dried cranberries and lemon zest, but they clearly spread like crazy and got burnt around the edges.

I’m thinking I should try baking them at a lower temperature next time or maybe try freezing the dough and then slicing it before baking, so the butter will stay intact for a tad longer? Maybe I worked the butter a little too much, and got it a bit too warm. The recipe is back in Toronto and I don’t remember it off the top of my head. If you have any suggestions, please let me know – my mom deserves nothing but the very best shortbread cookies.

* * *

I’m sending these work-in-progress shortbreads to my mom for Mother’s Day xoxo


3 Responses to “shortbread newbie”

  1. A Fan Says:


    I heart your website and recipes! Will delurk for a minute to get some shortbread stories off my chest 🙂 I didn’t really ‘get’ shortbread till I tried Alice Medrich’s Nibby Buckwheat butter cookies. Also liked the shortbread writeup in Kate Zuckerman’s The Sweet Life: Desserts from Chanterelle. I think you are spot on w/ cooling the dough and not working the butter too much.

    Hugs and my best,

  2. pinkstripes Says:

    I think they look great. You can just trim the brown bits. They sound absolutely wonderful. YUM.

  3. toxobread Says:

    A Fan: *blushes* I’m so glad that you enjoy this little blog! It really makes my day to read comments like yours. Thanks for the tips about shortbread – I’m going to give this recipe another go (at least) and see how they will turn out with the little tweaks.

    Pinkstripes: heh heh we ate the shortbread, brown bits and all 😛 Will post the recipe when I get my hands on it again!

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