Bud – Day Two


Bud didn’t rise very much overnight.

I stirred him down with a chopstick and the foamy parts quickly sunk back to the level that it was at yesterday evening.

(I’m so tempted to discard most of it and then feed it 1:1:1 — 1 part starter, 1/3 part rye flour, 2/3 part white flour, and 1 part water by weight. Say what?)

* * *

Amish Sweet Friendship Bread, Jackie’s Way

started 06/05/09

Day 1     Do nothing with starter Degas starter (mash bag) and transfer to a clean mason jar with the lid loosely screwed on.
Day 2     Mash bag and let out air Stir down starter



2 Responses to “Bud – Day Two”

  1. paolo Says:

    Hi and welcome to the Sourdough bread makers world….your buddies need a friend and I’ll be pleased to be the first one…I guess from the day u wrote the article they’ll be stronger, keep on feeding them and you wont regret. I’ll tell you that your brioche braid is loved in my family but the last time I did it, I replaced part of the filling: I used some canned peaches (in Ecuador other dont worth it) instead of the blueberry filling…Feel confident to make any kind of questions about sourdough, I’ ll try to answer or to redirect to other places…Bye Paolo

  2. toxobread Says:

    Hi Paolo! Hehe thanks for the encouragement about the sourdough starter! I’m a bit nervous about the whole experience, having never worked with a starter before, but it will be a fun adventure all the same.
    Glad to hear your family loves the blueberry cream cheese braid – mmm using peaches sounds lovely!

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