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Fall Baking Day

October 18, 2010

I spent Saturday in West Bolton, VT (WeBo?) baking with a few of my friends – that, to me, is the best way to spend a chilly Saturday laced with rain. I’ll just let the spread speak for itself (“If we’re going to eat, let’s really eat!”):

[SP’s pumpkin scones with cinnamon chips and crystallized ginger: not pictured, unfortunately]


Corn chowder (SP)




Rolls made from Peter Reinhart's sandwich bread recipe (from Artisan Breads Every Day) (SP) shaped as knots and fans




Closeup of the fan-shaped roll



Buttery, soft crumb - love it when the rolls pull apart like that!



KAF poolish baguette (NH) steamed using the magic bowl, v.2 (i.e., giant disposable roasting pan)! No crumb shot, sorry.




Hamelman's miche, Pointe-à-Callière using local flours, scaled to 2.5lb (JL)



Another shot of the miche



Miche crumb shot - much tighter than what I expected (hydration hovers around 82%) but I think this is because my starter wasn't vigorous enough when I assembled the final dough, and I didn't let the second rise go for long enough. I should have refreshed my starter instead of using it straight from the fridge... next time. Slightly sour, very wheaty aroma and taste. I'm curious to see how this tastes the next day when the flavours have had a chance to "mellow."



Six-stranded honey vanilla challah (JL)



and of course, apple pie! (NH) Crust made with local flours and filling made with local Northern Spy apples.



* * *

I did not get a chance to write this post until today, and so was too late to submit it for World Bread Day, hosted by Zorra. (!!!) I’m looking forward to seeing the roundup though! In the meantime, I will send these baked goods to Susan at Wild Yeast for YeastSpotting.


BBD#18 – Whole wheat blueberry and coconut scones

March 31, 2009

Whole wheat blueberry and coconut scones

Whole wheat blueberry and coconut scones

Whole wheat scones, with half the butter, and reduced amounts of sugar – what? Can these things even taste good? Yes! This means that you could probably eat twice as many and get away with it.


not a winning combination

January 13, 2009

I love food, and I love to talk about (and clearly, write!) about food, especially baked goods. That doesn’t mean everything works well for me the first time though. Ask my friend CVG, for example, who can tell you about the time I was supposed to cook dinner (homemade pizza, from scratch) and the yeasted dough had overrisen. We didn’t know (I didn’t realize it) until we discovered the dough – yeah, I’m going to call it “dough” because it never baked properly – tasted sour and slimy and gave off an alcoholic hooch. I’ve whipped up  banana bread in less than 10 minutes, only to remember halfway through the baking time that I completely forgot to add the sugar. I don’t need to remind you about my tiramisu efforts.

…but hey, that’s okay. If everything always worked out perfectly, how could you ever learn to recognize and remedy what would have ended up straight in the compost? 「失敗是成功之母」 Failure is the mother of success (you when you learn from your mistakes). Also get a good laugh and learn from the mistakes of others, which is why I’m going to share my sweet *and* savoury scones story with you.


Herb and cheese scones

June 6, 2008

These scones are dedicated to my friend, who doesn’t didn’t like scones.

R: I don’t like scones.

Me: What do you mean? How could you not like scones?

R: Well…

Me: Okay. I will bake scones for you to try and if you still don’t like them after that, I won’t bug you anymore.

At R’s request, I made savoury scones with herbs and sharp [Vermont!] cheddar cheese. This is a modified version of a basic scone recipe that I use for sweet scones (which I personally like more, but I’ll post about those another time).

R’s verdict?

Muchas gracias, muuuuy rico!