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BBD#12 – Whole wheat cinnamon raisin buns

August 1, 2008
Whole wheat cinnamon raisin buns

Whole wheat cinnamon raisin buns

It’s that time of month again – Bread Baking Day!


This will be the third time that I have participated in Bread Baking Day, an event that Zorra of 1x umrühren bitte began to celebrate bread making with bakers from around the world. She also hosted last month’s Bread Baking Day (and one year anniversary) with the theme of “Bread with Sprouts”. The “Bread with Sprouts” roundup can be viewed here.

This month’s BBD theme is “Small Breads” i.e. individual serving size breads, hosted by Aparna at My Diverse Kitchen. She will be posting the roundup on Aug. 5th so be sure to visit her site and see all of the wonderful small breads baked this month!