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Tarte Noire

March 15, 2009


Yesterday was Pi Day: March 14, or 3.14 – get it? Hehe! I didn’t make a pie to celebrate, but how about posting the story of a tarte noire that I had made?



MBP – Fresh Strawberry Tart

August 24, 2008

Fresh strawberry tart

Recently, a friend invited me over to her place to make sticky rice dumplings (粽子). Being a baking fiend but not wanting to have the oven on at 350F for an inhumane period of time while I melted in my air conditioner-less apartment, I opted to make this easy and fresh strawberry tart. It’s based on Dorie Greenspan’s strawberry tart, which in turn was inspired by a tart from La Palette, a café in the center of the Saint-Germain des Pres’ gallery row in Paris.


Fresh Fruit Tart

June 8, 2008

Fresh Fruit Tart


I confess that in addition to biscotti, I have an innate fear of making tarts. Tarts are some of the most stunningly beautiful desserts out there, and nearly half of the bookmarks in my dessert folder are various incarnations of tarts, but there’s something about cutting in little cubes of cold butter (“work quickly but make sure the butter has been incorporated”), chilling the crust pastry for x hours, rolling out the pastry with your fingers/water bottle because you keep forgetting to buy a rolling pin, making the custard filling (“temper the eggs with the hot – scalding, not boiling! – milk mixture”) that makes me think aiyah! I will make this tart one day, but not today. Probably not tomorrow either.