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dancing and science

June 6, 2009


Here’s a direct quote from the post:

…Besides gathering online responses, Dr. Bohannon also administered the quiz to eight live audiences in North America and Europe. For some reason — perhaps because they were more focused on the task — the live audiences were generally more accurate overall than the online audiences, although there were exceptions: a live audience at Harvard was less accurate than the online readers of Science, and did only about half as well as a live audience at the University of Vermont. I will leave it to others to explain Vermont’s superiority to Harvard, and whether it has more to do with dance or with science.


Maple syrup!

May 2, 2009

(Yup, playing more catch up)

A while back, many places in Vermont participated in the Maple Open House Weekend where there was much celebrating of spring and sweet sap flowing through tree veins, which led to maple syrup flowing through my veins. Yum.

Since this was also the same weekend that my parents came to visit, we decided to spend the day at Shelburne Farms, which as you will see, had many farm animals in addition to delicious maple syrup. I’ve also discovered that I’m in love with sheep, big sheep and little sheep (lambs) alike.


Welcome to Vermont

November 23, 2008

I sat near the front of the bus on my way back from grocery shopping this afternoon, and happened to hear this conversation:

Bus driver: Hello, there. How are you?
Passenger boarding the bus: Cold!
Bus driver: Well, sir, welcome to Vermont!

…and they grin at each other.

It’s been getting more and more chilly these days. Even though I “come from the North” <insert joke about my being Canadian here>, I have to say that “green mountain” winds are quite nippy. If it’s winter where you are living, remember to dress warmly and take good care of yourself in this cold weather. 🙂